Polish Beer Review: Okocim

polish okocim
A glass of Okocim (OK) beer.

If you see an image of a goat handing you a beer, it’s an Okocim. In the USA, it’s often known as “OK” beer, but it’s far more than just ok. I can’t say I’ve tried every Polish beer, but Okocim is definitely my favorite so far. It’s motto is “Podążaj za swoim pragnieniem”(Make your wish come true).

Okocim was first brewed in 1845 in the small Polish hamlet of, well, Okocim, outside the larger town of Brzesko in southern Poland. Interestingly, the brewery was founded by a German—Johann Evangelist Götz. Those Germans always make good beers. It’s currently brewed by the Carlsberg brewing company.

The beer is a Euro Pale lager with 5.60% ABV. It has an appetizingly light yellow color. Pour it with care because it has a very impressive head of bubbles, unlike many other Polish beers I drink. Bubbly beers always tempt my appetite because there’s just something healthy-looking about them. Unfortunately, the bubbles dissipate quickly with this beer.

The taste is smooth and light. Unlike a beer like Tyskie, it goes down much more easily, and you can drink it much faster. There’s even a very subtle sweetness to it. Overall, I cannot find too many faults with this beer. For those of you who like the hard, bitter alcoholic taste, this might be too light for you. But for someone with as low an alcohol tolerance as me, OK beer is great. I give it a 9/10.

okocim review

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