Polish Villagers Claim Nazi Zombies Running Wild

Nazi zombieWhat’s worse than regular zombies? Freaking Nazi zombies! And that’s exactly what some inhabitants claim are haunting their village of Glinka in western Poland.

First the undisputed facts. In September, archaeologists dug up 27 German Nazi corpses buried near what used to be an old house that was torn down years ago. The Nazi soldiers died in that house in 1945 when the Russians took over the village. They were shot in the head.  After the war, the villagers buried the bodies right outside the house.

For decades, the villagers claimed that the house was haunted and avoided it at all costs. Eventually, people moved in but quickly left due to strange occurrences. Afterward, the house was burned, likely as an effort by the villagers to destroy the curse they believed possessed it.

According to some villagers, however, burning the house didn’t work, as the undead Nazis have been strolling around not just the house, but the entire village, since 1945! Supposedly  the sound of marching footsteps can be heard outside at night. What’s more, even in death, these Nazi zombies have retained their allegiance to Der Fuhrer, as shouts of “Sieg Heil” can be heard echoing across Glinka in the darkness, according to one 45-year-old resident.

One 67-year-old resident says he “had the feeling” that Nazi zombies were chasing him one day. They were allegedly in uniform and had decaying faces.  I don’t know how you have a “feeling” about something like that. Hmm, someone’s walking behind me in the dark. Must be those darn Nazi zombies! No other explanation.

In any event, some claim that the Nazi zombies have become even more active since the archaeologists dug up the 27 remains. To be fair, archaeologists believe that more corpses are buried in the area. That means these could be different zombies, and we are unfairly labeling them as Nazis, which is wrong.


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