The Latest Innovations From Poland

teknologiaPoles are very smart people, but their ingenuity has long been overlooked due to a lack of awareness and investment from the outside world. For this reason, it’s important to highlight and appreciate Polish innovation and genius whenever possible to foster the talent that can make Poland a major player in Europe and the world.

Now, in 2016, the same country that helped develop X-rays and the understanding of heliocentricity is at it again. Check out these three innovative Polish ideas.

Liquid Body Armor

Scientists at the Polish company Moratex have developed a liquid called Shear-Thickening Fluid, or STF that hardens upon impact, stopping bullets flying at 450 meters per second (1,476 ft/sec.) or higher.

Unlike traditional bullet-proof vests, which can still deflect the bullet’s force into the body, resulting in injury or death, STF reduces this deflection from 4 centimeters to 1 centimeter. As a result, it’s much safer.  The liquid’s composition is guarded by the company, but it is known as a “Non-Newtonian” liquid, which hardens instead of dissipating when met with force.

Other possible STF applications besides body armor include sports uniforms and car bumpers.

Check out a full report and video on this new, Polish liquid body armor here.

Bar-tending Robot

What started as a robot that can flawlessly pour vodka into a shot glass, can be adapted into numerous applications. Students at AGH University in Kraków designed the robot to not only pour precise amounts of alcohol into glasses, but also to mimic a human’s movements.

At first glance, this might look like just another way for college students to get wasted without having to do the pouring, but the principles behind this bar-tending robot can be applied to other sectors. In hospitals, nurses could use the technology to pour exact doses of medicine for patients. Similarly chemical laboratories can use it to measure and pour substances. Right now,this project is still in its infancy, but proper funding could vastly expand its horizons.

Check out a video of this bar-tending robot here.

Messenger App for the Deaf

Perhaps more impressive than the world’s first messenger application for deaf people, is the fact that its inventor is an eighteen-year-old. Polish entrepreneur Mateusz Mach initially developed the free app, called Five, as a fun way to send hand signs and rap symbols to other people.

He soon realized though, that it could be applied to deaf people, who often have a difficult time typing with letters. Now, the app allows them to text others using American Sign Language. So far, Mach has single-handedly raised roughly $150,000 in funding from venture capitalists, which speaks to his exceptional ingenuity and business savviness. It will be interesting to see how Mach continues to develop the technology and expand its applications moving forward.

To download this free app, click here.

These are just some of the innovations being undertaken by Poles today. I hope to regularly feature more because they, more than anything else, foster the promise of a bright and successful future for Poland.

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