Guest Column: 10 Things to Get a Polish Beauty for Christmas (According to a Polish Girl)

By Kasia N.

The Holidays are in full swing, and before we know it, Christmas will be here! If you are hanging out/dating/getting to know/in love with a Polish girl and find yourself in a frantic search for the perfect gift, DON’T WORRY – polishbeauty, aka me, will share with you what’s on my Christmas gift list.

Statue of Józef Piłsudski

A statue of Piłsudski reminds us of strength and your value in defense of us….and Poland. Go ahead and use Crazy Polish Guy’s Pick-Up Line when you give this to her: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d save Poland from 123 years of Russian occupation for you.”



Get your girl a piece of Polish jewelry (like below). She’ll look better than a Victoria Secret angel….she’ll be your Polish Crowned Eagle


Music for her Heart

Buy your girl a Spotify subscription and surprise her with a Chopin playlist…or go old school and buy her a Chopin cassette.

chopin meme

Polish Reads

Invest in her mind. Get her a book for her Polish Library. I still need a copy of, “The History of Polish Literature” by Czeslaw Miłosz—one of the most useful guides to learning about the most self-expressive Polish writers and poets throughout the ages. Gifting a book will inspire the inner Polish scholar in your girl and showoff your value in reading and education.



Buy her flowers. She’ll love you. She’ll probably also use them to make a flower crown…or you could save her some time and buy her a real crown because DUH you’re associating yourself with a Polish Queen. If you really think she’s a Polish Queen, below is a crown that Saint Jadwiga would wear.

Jadwiga the female king

Cell Phone Cover

A decorated cell phone cover to honor one of her loves….soccer star Robert Lewandowski. Click here and check it out!

Polish Girl Wardrobe Staples

T-Shirt of Husaria. Useful if I want to pair with my business blazers and assert a fierce, dominant attitude.


Map of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Polish women are leaders in their careers. I got myself involved with politics. I’m a driven woman who likes to be surrounded by #goals…#greatness and #POWER. Screw Kanye West. Your Polish girl wants a map of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to hang in her office.


An “I Owe You” and Post-US-election-day-gift?

Have money? Were you planning on leaving the USA if Trump was elected? ….or Hillary? Make those post-election plans. Buy those airplane tickets and take that trip to Poland with your girl! #MakePolandGreatAgain


Polish Reads – Part 2

The title for most romantic love story of all time is held by exiled poet Adam Mickiewicz from his Polish homeland. Get your girl Pan Tadeusz and don’t forget to write a note inside expressing your love for her as more passionate than that of the exiled Pole.


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