Snapshots From the 125th Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago

Saturday was the 125th annual Polish Constitution Day parade held in Chicago, commemorating the May 3rd Polish Constitution of 1791. Since 1891, the event has been a focal point of Polish-American life in Chicago and draws thousands into a yearly sea of red and white.

This year, the parade was held along State Street, in between Lake and Van Buren Streets. Below are some images from the parade.

A major theme during this year’s parade was the 1,050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism, which these traditionally-dressed children emphasized at the front.
Some older marchers dressed as various figures from Poland’s history. We see a couple knights and winged hussars in the mix.
A traditional Krakow “Lajkonik” leads a group of Polish folk dancers down State Street in Chicago.
A man driving a horse-drawn carriage with a horse fully decked out in Polish colors.
Some historical reenactors dressed up as World War II Polish soldiers.
More Polish World War II historical reenactors standing with the flag of Poland.
A float dedicated to the 1,050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism, which possibly took place in the town of Gniezno, Poland in 966.
dziennik związkowy.jpg
Members of “Dziennik Związkowy,” Chicago’s premier Polish-language newspaper.
Members of the famous Polish folk dancing group, Wici.
Polish highlanders from southern Poland join the march.
These communist-era cars no doubt struck a chord with audience members who remembered them back in the 1970s and 1980s in Poland.
Polish motorcyclists closed off the parade in a hardcore fashion.

3 thoughts on “Snapshots From the 125th Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago”

  1. Unfortunately, the parade was not televised in Chicago this year. My 96yr old mom watched it on Polish TVP from Poland.


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